The fine-line door and structural glass solutions have been designed in conjunction with leading structural engineers , who are at the forefront of structural glazing technology. All fine-lines structural Glass solutions are designed to exceed all safety legislation guidelines and to withstand the severest extremes of the British climate. The glasses used in there multi laminated construction are strong enough to walk on for easy maintenance and cleaning and provide total safety for everybody inside the space at all times.

Fine-lines door and structural glass solutions are guaranteed and compliant with all building regulations. Fine-line can supply all the engineering drawings and calculations to ensure smooth passage through local authority building control.

Fine-line uses toughened glass for all panes of its double or treble glazed door and fixed screen solutions. These panes meet BS6206 Class A, and are acquired from the worlds leading suppliers.


Fine-line doors and structural glass complies with all aspects of the Buildings Regulations, with particular attention paid to the new Part L and Part N requirements. All necessary testing and engineering has been carried out and reports are available to demonstrate compliance.


The new Part L of the Building regulations covers the conservation of fuel and power in dwellings. Specifically, it governs the minimum thermal properties that glass, walls, roofs and windows must achieve.

Fine-lines glazing and door system have been independently tested under British Fenestration Rating Council guidelines, enabling fine-line to calculate the exact U value of any proposed structure. While regulations require U Values of a maximum of 2.2 W/mK, fine-line exceed this with average values of around 1.1 W/mK treble glazing in doors and screens of .8 W/mk and gel applications of W/mk.4 with solar control.

This thermal efficiency has been achieved by optimizing both the type of low E coating used and edge details. Silicone Edge Sealed units are Argon filled to achieve the required u-values.


Fine-line door solutions comprehensive warranty gives customers total peace of mind. All materials are warrantied for up to 10 years, workmanship and maintenance is for a period up to 5 years, though we anticipate that a Fine-line door solutions will give trouble free service well beyond that time period.