We work closely with our glass structural engineers, from concept to creation of the finest sliding door solution on the market today. Fine-line’s sheer glass move with ease of motion, making over size structural glass sliding doors from Fine-line door solutions the future in structural glass.

Fine-line use commercial glass technology that has been developed over the last 25 years to create a new contemporary environment which meets the demands and expectations of a modern home. Working with structural glass technology, glass floors, staircases, sheer glass screens and doors, your visions become reality.

Using the latest specification Low-e coated glasses double and triple glazed structural units allow us to achieve u-values that set us apart from the competition. Gel applications allow us to gain levels of thermal efficiency and solar control unmatched in the market place today.

From a simple glass roof to the most ambitious plans, Fine-line offer unique particle designs at competitive prices. Working with our project managers, we can deliver your visions.

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